Getting Familiar with Amino Acids

Getting Familiar with Amino Acids

Don't be misled into thinking that amino acids are only essential for bodybuilders and athletes. 

We don’t blame you though, we have all heard the term used by insta finesse influencers or gym bros banging on about exercise supplements. 

You'd be forgiven for thinking that amino acids aren't essential for aiding in your bodily wellbeing however the truth lies in the name, when it comes to understanding why certain amino acids are called 'essential', conditionally ‘essential’ or non ‘essential’.  

Essential amino acids are known as such because of how the human body needs them for a range of bodily functions. Except – the catch is that not all amino acids are produced within the human body, these are called essential because we can only source them through the foods that we eat. 

Essential amino acids are absolutely vital for cellular production and repair and involve a whole host of important bodily functions, from ensuring healthy energy synthesis, to aiding with the production of critical proteins and neurotransmitters. One example is Tryptophan and it’s function as a precursor to Serotonin – the feel-good neurotransmitter. Without Tryptophan, the human body will not be as able to produce Serotonin; which possibly explains our inclination to universally-popular foods like tuna, chicken, turkey, oats, cheese, and nuts. 

Nonessential Amino Acids on the other hand are produced by our bodies and are not taken as food supplements and are the building blocks for  proteins which the body needs which are required for the repair, growth and maintenance of cells. However a diet low in the essential amino acids, inhibit your body’s ability to produce adequate amounts of nonessential amino acids.

Conditionally essential Amino Acids are not usually not essential, however might be recommend by a health practitioner  from continuous poor diet. One conditional amino acid is L Tyrosine which is found in AusVitality Mindlift. 

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